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Pamper your scalp with TK TrichoKare Award-Winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care

I have always been concerned about my hair thinning / hair loss problem, therefore I'm always
seeking for effective solutions to counter this issue. For those who have known me for quite some
time, would have known that I have a huge obsession with scalp and hair care treatment and I
would go for regular treatments every month. This time round, I was lucky enough to be able to
experience TK TrichoKare Award-Winning Advanced Scalp Detox &Care Treatment and I'm super
excited to share with you my experience.
If you have not heard of TK TrichoKare, fret not! Here's a brief background of the company.
TK TrichoKare is the first trichological centre that provides customised European herbal hair remedies validated by certified trichologists. Through a hair & scalp analysis, their in-house certified Trichologists will be able to identify individual hair conditions and will recommend the suitable treatment accordingly. 
What is TK TrichoKare Award-Winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment ?
It is a treatment which helps to promote hair growth, increase blood circulation, remove bacteria, boosts hydration and provides nutrients to the hair and scalp.
Let me bring you through my entire treatment process!
Hair and Scalp Analysis with consultation
First up, consultation. 
Over here, an in-house certified trichologist/ consultant (aka hair doctor) will walk you through your scalp condition before a treatment is being recommended. You will be able to see your scalp's condition with the help of the magnifying lens which could magnify your scalp up to 200 times. Taking into account my dietary habits, sleep patterns and hormonal changes as well as a detailed hair and scalp analysis the trichologist will then be able to customise my treatment to suit my needs.
Mine wasn't of the serious case, but look at the analysis. There are some build-ups. Scalp buildup can cause hair loss if left untreated. These build-ups can be cause by dead skin cells, excess sebum, sweat and even hair products you used.
TriOxy Treatment
I'm being introduce to the TriOxy treatment. This treatment consists of 3 steps :
1) OxyPeel
2) OxyJet
3) OxyNutrient
The first step of the treatment will be the OxyPeel which helps to exfoliate the scalp, getting rid of dead skins from clogged pores and follicles. The OxyPeel Solution contains AHAs and BHAs to soften the dead skin and impurities clogged on my scalp for easy removal and it is a pain-free cleansing process to prep my scalp for the treatment.
The product is massaged into my hair and letting it to sit for five minutes. I could instantly feel a refreshing and tingly sensation, no irritation at all!
Nano mist is then administered to increase the absorption of the product.
Revitalising hair bath
Next up, a revitalising hair bath is then introduced to helps the scalp to restore its sebum balance, keeping it feel refresh and stress-free. During the process a relaxing scalp massage was given to help boost blood circulation. It was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep.
Hot pad relaxation
After the hair bath, a hot pad relaxation is also carried out to help to keep you relax and put you at ease. If you do not know, stress can contribute to hair loss too!
OxyNutrient is then administered to provides nutrients and boost hydration to the scalp. The solution consist mainly Hyaluronic acid which is known to be an excellent source of hydration.
OxyJet is then introduced to accelerate scalp’s cell metabolism and improve blood circulation. A device is used to inject oxygen into your scalp and hair, it is used in conjunction with the serum to allow nutrients to penetrate deeper into your scalp. This process helps to keep hair follicles smooth, it also helps to stimulate collagen which is essential for hair growth. This process took about 15 mins, I could feel some light pressure against my scalp but reassured there is totally no discomfort.
Photodynamic Therapy
Lastly, the photodynamic therapy which uses laser light technology to supports hair regeneration and helps accelerate healing. 
The whole process took about 2-2.5 hours to complete and I could immediately feel my scalp is cleaner and lighter. Let's check out the results of the final scan!
Look! Just 1 treatment and my scalp has been cleansed from all the excess sebum and impurities, which clearly proved how effective the treatment is!
If you are also facing hair thinning / hair loss problem, fear not! It is not an irreversible condition, seek professional consultation to help resolved your issue!
Now you could purchase TK TrichoKare Award-Winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care 1-Time Treatment  at just $40 which comes along with a free Travel Size Hair Care Kit & Hair Serum (worth $745) over here at this link! (TK Trichokare TriOxy Treatment Trial)
Thank you TK TrichoKare and Sample store for pampering my scalp! I truly love the results!
Till next time!
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